About Us

What do we do?

Team Wilson was originally founded by Camdog74, TheRogueEight and are a group of game developers and modders that make cool stuff.

The Team

CEO, Founder, Programmer, Artist, Video Editor, Music Composer/Producer
Got jump scared in Garry's mod and spilt water all over his $400 keyboard.
Technical Programmer, Site Designer, Music Producer
Spent 5 years trying to understand the ways of a green/blue man.
2D Artist, Chainsmoker, Community Manager, "Official Lawyer"
He's like daredevil but can see and does not legally practice law. Charges pending...
2D/3D Artist, Animator.
Man aims with a robo-wrist.
probs hacking tbh...
2D/3D Artist, Animator, Music Composer, Mute
young soundcloud rapper born in the streets slinging dope and busting rhymes just to make her name big... She failed.