Minecraft Server

We have our very own Survival Minecraft Server! Here are all the details you need to know to jump in and start crafting:

Server Rules

  • No racism, hate speech, or malicious links. Let’s keep the community safe and welcoming for everyone!
  • PVP is enabled. Test your skills and challenge your friends, but remember to play fair and have fun!
  • No cheating, stealing or griefing. Please be fair, this server is for everyone to enjoy!

Server Info

  • The server is brand new and will evolve over time. Expect some changes and maintenance as we fine-tune everything.
  • We have three IPs for optimal connections:
    • US IP: us.mc.team-wilson.org
    • AU IP: au.mc.team-wilson.org
    • EU IP: eu.mc.team-wilson.org
  • Both IPs connect to the same server, so choose the one that provides the best connection for you!
  • The server runs on Minecraft version 1.21

Feedback and Future Plans

If you experience any lag or connectivity issues, let us know your region. We’re open to adding more regional servers in the future to improve everyone’s gaming experience. Hop on, start building, and let’s create an awesome Minecraft world together!

Happy mining!