camdog74 July 4, 2024
We’ve launched a new Minecraft server!

Join our new survival Minecraft server and embark on an exciting adventure! We are excited to bring a fresh, engaging experience to our Minecraft community. With a brand new survival server, there...

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gambit July 3, 2024
Team Wilson’s Dev Log #1

This blog post has been given early to our Patreon supporters, if you cannot access this blog post and would like to, please support us at as an early bird. ...

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gambit June 16, 2024
Post-Stream Blogpost: Updates, Releases and Teasers!

Hey everyone, Thank you for joining us for today's stream! We had an action-packed session filled with thrilling reveals, exciting updates, and some incredible community artworks. Here's a recap o...

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gambit June 9, 2024
Post-Stream Blogpost: Team Wilson 2.0

Hello, everyone! We’re thrilled to bring you a recap of the Team Wilson 2.0 Stream. It was an exciting event packed with announcements and reveals. Let’s dive into the highlights! Opening Act ...

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camdog74 April 1, 2023
We bought the rights to People Playground!

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camdog74 November 22, 2022
DCPP , John Wick Updates, Our Next Game and more!

We did a livestream recently where we released updates for a couple mods and announced some new mods made by Team Wilson members. Dc Power Pack Update ...

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camdog74 September 4, 2022
Team Wilson’s First Dev Log!

Our first of hopefully many dev logs to come! If you want instant update, join our discord server:

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camdog74 July 11, 2022
Stranger Things Mod Out Now!

Team Wilson/Billson are happy to announce that we've released our Stranger things mod! Get it now!

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camdog74 June 12, 2022
We Released Our First Game, For Free!

There will be RAT - Tribution  In a world where rats are starved of jam, divided in war, one rat seeks to find the origin of the jam and finds YOU! Defend your jam from countless rats whil...

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mlgthatsme March 31, 2022
I Got The Wilson now on SPOTIFY!

'I got the Wilson' is now available to stream on Spotify! This is our first official song release, and most definitely not the last! ;) Listen Now! And for those who want it, lyrics: I ...

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camdog74 March 27, 2022
People Playground 3D Has Released

Everyone has been waiting for this moment, so have we, it's been hard but PPG 3D OUT! We've also released the Star Wars Power Pack! https://www...

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camdog74 March 24, 2022
Team Wilson Biggest Stream To Date

We've got a stream coming up, its gonna be huge.

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camdog74 November 18, 2021
The launch of the DC Power Pack!

The DC Power Pack has launched alongside the Power Pack Framework after 5 months of development and a large team of talented modders!

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camdog74 September 30, 2021
Almighty Phase 4

We recently launched our last big content update for the mpp. Part 1 Part 2

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camdog74 July 9, 2021
Post small stream

We recently launched our latest update, check the trailer below

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camdog74 May 29, 2021
Another! huge stream aftermath!

We did our second big livestream and showed off some big things! Some of those things include the launch trailer for phase 3 and a teaser on our next power pack! MPP: Phase 3! https://www.yout...

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camdog74 May 25, 2021
We’re bringing the original guardians together!

Rocket is joining the Guardians in The marvel Power Pack VOL.3! We decided to style the logo off of GOTG because we're bringing all the original guardians together

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camdog74 May 23, 2021
Howard The Duck in phase 3!

Howard The Duck is our first fully custom character with new limbs and joins

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camdog74 May 21, 2021
Phase 3 News!

Phase 3 will come with a brand new addition: The power selector menu! you will be able to switch, disable and mix all kinds of powers! (the screenshot shows a work in progress version)

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camdog74 May 12, 2021
Our huge stream aftermath!

Our last stream just happened, we launched a new Marvel Power Pack update, showed off gameplay of The Wilson Mod for the first time and launched this site! MPP: Community Update! https://www.y...

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