DCPP , John Wick Updates, Our Next Game and more!

We did a livestream recently where we released updates for a couple mods and announced some new mods made by Team Wilson members.

Dc Power Pack Update 1 Trailer

We released a new update for the DC Power Pack, we’ve added the rest of the Teen Titans, a bunch of Batman villain’s and a bunch more! The update includes 25 characters making the total 57 characters, almost doubling the cast of characters in the mod.

The John Wick Hex Update

This new update for Team Wilson’s John Wick Mod not only adds an assortment of really cool guns, John Wick Hex characters but also dogs! All the dogs that show up in the films are present in this update, including precious Daisy, ready to get some sweet sweet revenge.

Last and definitely not least

The Rage Box Teaser Trailer

Team Wilsons biggest leap into game development. The Rage Box is so much more than just a spiritual successor to People Playground 3D. We took everything we, and our audience loved about People Playground and amplified it by 100.
Crafting a sandbox game where everyone’s favorite features come first.

We will be dedicated to making the most gut-wrenchingly beautiful gore so that players can shoot, bludgeon and stab to their hearts content in the most fun kill room.

This project is a love letter to all things brutal and a passion project we know you’ll all kill to experience.

Team Wilson is full into development and we’re planning some fuckin’ awesome gameplay mechanics that you’ve all been dying for. A fun, creative and truly bloody experience tailor made for you.

Now you people with lower end pc’s shouldn’t be worried, we’ve got you covered, our art style and super optimized models designed for performance on all hardware means everyone can experience the fun.
We’re creating a breathtaking, stylized game that puts its focus on where it matters.
insanely cool gore systems, satisfying combat, and gameplay that’ll make you feel like an action hero all set to some kick ass music.
We’re creating your dream game, and you have the chance to shape its outcome. Join the discussion in our discord server and help us in our journey to make the most badass game we can.

That’s all we have to talk about today, thank you so much for taking the time to read this and being with us for so long, we really appreciate all of you and we truly could have never gotten to this point without you.

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