Post-Stream Blogpost: Updates, Releases and Teasers!

Hey everyone,

Thank you for joining us for today’s stream! We had an action-packed session filled with thrilling reveals, exciting updates, and some incredible community artworks. Here’s a recap of everything we covered:

John Wick Mod Update 4

We kicked off with the much-anticipated John Wick Mod Update 4 trailer, beautifully crafted by our talented friend, TheRogueEight. This update completes our John Wick mod journey, covering all the films including the latest John Wick 4. The trailer showcased 12 new characters, a selection of new weapons, and fresh costumes for both new and old characters.

Steam Logo
Team Wilson’s John Wick Mod
Harry Potter Power Pack
A catalogue of John Wick items and characters.

Marvel Power Pack: Secret Wars Update

Marvel fans, rejoice! We revealed the latest update for the Marvel Power Pack – the Secret Wars Update. This update, also led by TheRogueEight, reworks characters, objects, and abilities, adding new and improved characters like Spider-Woman and Ghost Rider, as well as iconic villains like Doctor Doom. Plus, 34 new costumes are coming your way. This update will be available right after the post-stream Q&A.

Steam Logo
Marvel Power Pack
Marvel Power Pack
A compilation by Team Wilson of fan favorite Marvel heroes and their powers.

Character Creator Mod Showcase

Next, we unveiled the Character Creator Mod, a groundbreaking tool that lets you customize, save, and share your unique characters with ease. Our showcase video highlighted the mod’s capabilities, demonstrating the incredible flexibility and detail you can achieve. We’re eager to see what our community will create with this new tool.

Marvel Power Pack Lore

We also delved into the lore behind our mods. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the mods, there’s always something new to discover. Check out the detailed lore and update timeline in the Marvel Power Pack mod page!

You can find out more about Marvel Power Pack: Catalyst by going over to the Marvel Power Pack Mod page, or by clicking on this link!

Community Competition Winners

Our first-ever Community Competition, themed around the Harry Potter Power Pack, has come to an end. The entries were nothing short of magical. Here are the winners:

  • Third Place: getGAMING, with a stunning depiction of the Basilisk and Harry Potter in battle, inspired by “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”;
  • Second Place: Spector, capturing the dramatic Ministry of Magic’s Atrium battle, inspired by “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”;
  • First Place: K̑̈o-Shȋ̈, with an epic portrayal of the final duel between Harry Potter and Voldemort, from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”

Announcing the Next Community Competition

We’re also announced our next Community Competition, focusing on both the Marvel Power Pack and the John Wick Mod updates. Show us your creativity! More details will be shared on our Discord, so stay tuned.

The Boys Mod Reveal

Last but definitely not least, we revealed The Boys Mod with an exciting trailer. This has been highly requested by the community, and with the airing of season 4, we thought it was the perfect time for this reveal. Teasers will be available on our Patreon soon, and the mod is set to release in July.

Thank you for following the development, and from everyone at Team Wilson, we hope you have a great day, night, evening, dawn, morning, etc. etc.

Thank you for everything, Gambit!

Thank you to our Expressionists and Investor Patrons!

WaitedDragon496 (Investor)

MRHYPES (Expressionist),

Spector (Expressionist)

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