Post-Stream Blogpost: Team Wilson 2.0

Hello, everyone! We’re thrilled to bring you a recap of the Team Wilson 2.0 Stream. It was an exciting event packed with announcements and reveals. Let’s dive into the highlights!

Opening Act

We kicked off the stream with a warm welcome from the team, including Camdog74, Gambit and Pixel. We were more than thrilled to reconnect with the community and had some major updates to share. However, the stream started off on a somber note with an apology for our absence over the past year. We’ve all faced numerous challenges that made it difficult to continue our projects, but we assured you that those days are behind us. We’re back and ready to share some fantastic new content.

Farewell to Billson

We are sad to announce the closing of Billson, a subsidiary team that had been around for about two years. Billson was created to keep mod content flowing while we worked on our games. With Team Wilson’s return to the modding scene, Billson is no longer necessary. We take this moment to thank all the talented members who contributed to Billson, including fR4n1oo0, Richard, GrinnyBeanie, Zuccian, Timtam, JulianMC, and TheRogueEight. Their hard work and dedication were more than deeply appreciated.

Harry Potter Power Pack Release

Next up, we unveiled the Harry Potter Power Pack. This mod was a collaborative effort by Richard and Timtam, and it came together quite quickly. Even though we don’t know much about Harry Potter, We have to say that the mod is a lot of fun. We’ve showcased some live gameplay of the mod on the stream and have uploaded the mod to the Steam Workshop.

Steam Logo
Harry Potter Power Pack
Harry Potter Power Pack
A compilation of 100+ Humans, Creatures, and Objects from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Character Creator Mod Reveal

Cam then took the stage to reveal something we’re all very excited about: The Character Creator Mod. This mod allows you to create and dress your own characters in People Playground, featuring a layering system, easy add-on support, and the ability to save and share your creations. We shared a teaser trailer to give you a taste of what’s to come, and we can’t wait to dive into more details in the near future. Find the teaser trailer below!

Character Creator Teaser

New Discord Event Program

We’ve also discussed some exciting changes to our Discord server. We’ve been hard at work making the user experience smoother, cutting down on unused channels, and simplifying roles. Along with these changes, we’re launching the Team Wilson Discord Event Program in July. We’ll have a variety of activities, from sharing pet pictures and teaching coding basics to “Try Not to Laugh” challenges. We’re also ramping up our YouTube presence and will be featuring community members more often. Plus, Patreon members and server boosters can look forward to new perks like selectable badges and new color options. For more information, check out the announcement channel in our discord server!

Team Wilson Logo
Team Wilson
Discord Icon

Upcoming Stream and Mod Updates

We’ve also teased updates for the Marvel and John Wick mods, which we’ll cover in our next stream. We’ll be releasing the Secret Wars 2.0 update and the John Wick 4 update, along with gameplay footage of the Character Creator mod. The stream is going live in less than a week, so stay tuned on our youtube channel and discord server for reminders!

Thanks for tuning in! We’re beyond excited to be back and can’t wait to share more with you soon. Join the conversation on our Discord server and stay tuned for more updates. See you next time!

Across the Gambit-Verse?!?

Following the stream, we’ve all hoped in the post-stream QnA, which was really more of a show and tell, but that’s besides the point. Something really weird happened.. we’ve found a bunch of other Gambits!

Thank you @Yes (fairpuppy) from our discord server for this amazing picture!

It was a lot of fun! Shout out to all the other Gambits for this, but we all know there’s only one real one around. Thank you for reading this post and I can’t wait to write more in the future!

From everyone at Team Wilson, have an amazing day!

Also, thanks to Steve for for trialing in Billson when we first did it, and he made a cape, that was cool ♥

Also thanks for the being the investor tier on Patreon.

Signed, Gambit!

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