A lore project created by TheRogueEight

Chapter 1: A Day Like No Other

A team of heroes, led by SHIELD, battles the ancient being Nexastra Eonova to prevent reality from unraveling, only to find themselves disoriented in New York after Nexastra’s defeat, watched over by the enigmatic Wilson.

Chapter 2: Amalgam

In the aftermath of Nexastra’s fall, Fury gathers the remaining heroes for a status report, leading to a conflict between scientists over a dangerous shard experiment that inadvertently transports several heroes, including Spider-Man and Colossus, to a phantom New York where they must uncover the mystery of their new surroundings and the return of their missing allies.

Chapter 3: Friends in High Places

Miles Morales juggles the chaos of the second Amalgam event, leading to new alliances and challenges, as he navigates a city in turmoil and faces threats from familiar foes and unexpected allies.

Chapter 4: The Machine

Thor returns to Earth seeking Loki’s whereabouts after a mysterious disappearance of Asgardians, only to join forces with a diminished Avengers team while navigating new threats and Mystique’s covert operations.

Chapter 5: Age of Ultron

Wanda and Pietro debate their next move in the aftermath of the amalgam wave, while Magneto’s plan to create a mutant sanctuary drives them to seek a shard hidden in a SHIELD base, setting off a series of confrontations involving various heroes and villains.

Chapter 6: The Infiltration

The Avengers have disbanded, Doctor Strange is trying to find a solution as heroes continue to vanish, while Apocalypse threatens the remaining heroes, various teams, including Falcon and Winter Soldier, face challenges from HYDRA and other villains, leading to intense confrontations and the continued disappearance of key players.

Chapter 7: Turned Against

The remaining Guardians search for off-world shards to prevent them from falling into villainous hands, while Earth’s heroes, led by a new Avengers team and aided by returning allies, confront the escalating threat of corruption and mysterious vanishings, culminating in an intense battle that redefines their reality.

Chapter 8: The Punisher, Frank Castle

After a peaceful hiatus, the Daily Bugle’s quiet is shattered by the return of J. Jonah Jameson and a new threat emerging as Vision, the Avengers, and various Marvel heroes grapple with revived villains, fragmented memories from alternate dimensions, and the violent antics of a corrupted Punisher, ultimately culminating in unexpected alliances and deadly confrontations across Hell’s Kitchen.

Chapter 9: Bad, Bad News

The TVA’s role has shifted dramatically, and Doctor Strange, struggling to understand this new reality, discovers imprisoned variants while chaos unfolds in the real world, culminating in a dire warning.

Chapter 10: The Inevitable

In the depths of space, Thanos plans a sinister yet necessary mission to halve the universe’s population, while on Earth, the remaining heroes, including Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock, prepare to face the looming threat.

Chapter 11: The Fate of Two Worlds

In the wake of their devastating defeat and the loss of their comrades, the remaining heroes rally to reverse their fate by using a powerful device to travel through time and recover the infinity stones, Wilson makes the ultimate sacrifice to restore their world.


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