Cataclysm Chapter 11: Season finale


They had lost, there was no way around it. Only a few heroes remained. The halved heroes tried to recover, even with all their losses.

Iron man, captain america, Dr Strange, the real Wilson, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Starlord, Quicksilver, Hulk, Punisher, Black widow, a de-corrupted Ant-man and Scarlet Witch, who had been restored by the snap as if it were a wave event but most other deceased heroes bodies had vanished with the rest of the fallen in a plume of dust.

The stones had all been destroyed. Thanos’s body had disappeared and the fake wilson had managed to slip away, if not taken by the snap. Nobody knew what to do. The two leaders of the Avengers were drinking as heavily as they could in the tower. They had no way of reaching the real world anymore, now what?

In the real world, the snap had reached them. Maria had watched half of what they had left go when Thanos, Antman and Adam Warlock clashed. Then she watched She-hulk turn to dust right before her eyes. She mournfully scanned the street that was visible from her office window. She wouldn’t be surprised if New York had a population in the quadruple digits by now. If this blip event had reached between worlds, how the hell were the lost heroes handling it? She put her head against the window and muttered to herself. Cap and Tony better be finding a way to fix this, somewhere.

Wilson was wandering their labs, looking for anything that could help when he saw his old device. A nostalgic smile spread to his face when he picked it up; if only he could somehow use this to get out of here, fix what happened.

As if to kick him when he was down, the device popped open. He grimaced at it, but then his eyes widened. Tony Stark and Ant-Man were still here; they were both among the biggest geniuses of this world. They could use this. He held up the stone that had fallen out of it; it was white and almost resembled the infinity stones, but most importantly, it powered Wilson’s world jumper and could be the key to solving this crisis!

Not even a week had passed after Wilson showed the scientists his stone and the remaining heroes had gathered. They had built a new machine to use the stone; it would send them not only back to their world, but back in TIME. but only for mere minutes, however, it could be used to get back the infinity stones and fix what had happened. 

Stark looked across the team, they were going to go to different places at different points in time and space to get the infinity stones back. All differences put aside. He asked if they were ready; they agreed.

June 2nd, 2021. The day Loki had caused the wave that brought most avengers to the playground.

Cap, Iron man, Antman and Natasha landed in the real world. They couldn’t risk taking too long, but whatever they did would be undone by the Wilson stone as they had come to call it, so they had to quickly grab the space stone and get out of there. They watched Coulson and Loki battle on the rooftops before jumping in, now was their chance, Coulson would think they were simply doing their job, then they could smuggle the stone away before the machine’s time limit ran out. 

Cap jumped down and quickly threw his shield at Loki, knocking him back and throwing Hawkeye off the building he stood on. Clint swore at Cap and quickly used his grappling arrow to swing to safety. Ant-man jumped to the roof, unshrinking as he did as Loki and Cap fought. Loki quickly managed to throw Cap back off the roof and swung his sceptre at Antman, only for him to dodge by shrinking, kick Loki’s head into the floor and finish by sending him down to Cap.

Loki stumbled, Cap used his shield and knocked the trickster to the ground, he landed on his own sceptre, cracking it open and revealing the space stone. Cap went to grab it when Thor, of all people, landed between them. Thor shouted that he knew they weren’t the real Captain America and demanded they surrender. 

Captain America didn’t have time to explain and began the battle with him. They traded blow after blow until Thor summoned Mjonir, bringing most of the building to ruins, and smashed Cap through a quickly crumbling wall. Cap looked up to see Thor advancing and slammed his shield into his hammer, causing an EMP. Iron man, who was currently carrying Black widow towards the battle, fell out the sky as his suit was temporarily disrupted. They smashed into Cap and Coulson, sending poor Phil flying. Black Widow got her bearings as she realised she was standing in front of herself and Captain America from June 2nd, who was struggling with a large glass shard in his leg. 

The two Widows fought, only decipherable by the Widow who came from the snapped time period choosing to wear a white Jumpsuit. It was like a mirror match in a video game and unfortunately for the Widow of tomorrow, the original colours were winning. She was thrown against the roof by Black widow in black’s vicious throw and fell on her back, dazed. The June 2nd widow prepared to finish the intruder off before a repulsor blast hit her square in the head. The surviving widow looked up in shock to see her iron man blasting Captain America in the head. Stark didn’t bother with niceties, he told Nat that whatever they do will be undone except for taking the stone; but only if they could actually get their hands on it. It made Nat deeply uncomfortable, but she couldn’t find much fault in his logic.

Cap and Thor’s battle continued until Cap’s watch beeped. They only had 40 seconds left and if they failed this, they wouldn’t have another good chance to get the space stone again. He thought of everyone who had been snapped away, he remembered he was fighting for people like Thor to still exist here and now and he punched Thor as hard as he could, knocking him flat. He grabbed the space stone as the timer ticked down to 0.

April 16th, 2021. The day Vision brought the mind stone to the playground.

Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hulk and Dr Strange landed near Ultron as they watched Vision blast him away. They decided, as tempting as it was to be home, to try getting the mind stone after Ultron was destroyed. Banner walked up to Vision to try and politely ask for the stone, but this Vision had only just watched his Hulk die and wasn’t about to fall for this impostor. He kicked Banner back and watched as he let the Hulk out to settle it in a different way.

The two fought, Vision let Banner’s blows uselessly float through him as he became intangible until he felt a familiar, chaotic magical feeling over his mind stone. As he was pulled back, Hulk grabbed him and started slamming him on the pavement, dazing him. Quicksilver ran up to him and laid a one-armed superspeed powered beatdown on him before the twins met each others eyes. Wanda clutched her head and remembered a time where he had died. The past Pietro didn’t fare much better, having only just seen his sister pass away. The Pietro of today grabbed the other by his remaining arm and dragged him away. Scarlet Witch called after him as Hulk grabbed Vision again and threw him into the truck. He called for Wanda, which is what you could call the “GIRL! GET STONE!” he ended up saying and she decided that she’d have to get the stone now and see what her brother was doing later.

She picked up Vision’s body and began separating the stone from him when Hulk was suddenly thrown off the truck. The quicksilver from this time; one of the sole survivors of the event the first time round was staring at her in disbelief, the walkie talkie he was holding demanded he attack and he did. He did a multi hit combo on his sister at superspeeds before she used her powers to protect herself, pushing him back.

Hulk leapt into the air, ready to smash the Pietro of April 16th, but he quickly sidestepped Hulk with ease. Suddenly, the quicksilver that came with them came back into the fray, shouting at his sister to hurry and that they only had 1 minute left, as he carried Past Pietro down the road as the perplexed Spider-man looked on. Wanda focused, and Vision’s head exploded. She looked at the de-transforming Banner, who reassured her that it would be undone in 20 seconds and quickly grabbed the Mind stone.

May 29th, 2021.

The milano crash landed as Quill, Iron Fist and Strange looked on. They were going to wait for the perfect timing to slip in and get the time stone off the Strange of the past. Wilson flew out of the crashed Milano using rocket boots borrowed from Quill. They had sent him to steal it from the Nova corps since The guardians had visited not long before they came there. Since he came from the same place as his stone, he was able to use it at 50 times its usual effects. The group nodded at one another as Wilson was shot back, his time finally running out.

They knocked out Quill as he arrived, and their Quill took his place. He battled the corrupted Groot as he did in the previous runthrough of this, but they had one change. As Strange tried to separate his soul from his body, the Strange and Iron fist of the future approached. The two Strange’s eyes met, and the Strange of the past understood that they needed the time stone. He pointed to where it would be under the rubble, and Iron fist quickly grabbed it. The three of them quickly retreated as Howard the Duck set the evil Groot alight.

If Wilson had Succeeded in what he was meant to do, they were going to find the power and reality stone here. As they found the two stones in the rubble and rejoiced, Iron fist felt a knife be held to his throat by none other than Drax, demanding to know who they were. Iron fist raised his hands to explain, before catching Drax off guard with a Judo throw. The Past Quill shot at the future Quill. Strange checked his watch; they only had to last for a minute! The three held onto their stones tightly, and decided to use it.

Past Quill fired himself towards them, Iron Fist used the time stone to rewind him away. Drax got up and tried to stab Iron Fist, Dr Strange used the Reality stone to turn it into bubbles and rewrite reality so that Drax was always a toad for good measure. Gamora and Rocket tried to surprise attack them, Future Quill Grimaced as he used the power stone to blast them away.

The watch beeped, and the three vanished as their time ran out.

July 9th 2021. The day the punisher destroyed an entire street.

The hologram of Matt flickered out, a bit earlier than it did the first time round. Elektra stood up, confused. Ma Gnucci stood up and asked the waiter to check the safe to make sure that fancy gem one of her idiot sons had stumbled onto was safe. She didn’t like the look of that crazy red woman. The Matt hologram flickered back in the wrong place. Something was disrupting him. Daredevil appeared, Punisher next to him. The plan was to wait for Punisher to smash up the restaurant, use the distraction to quickly snatch the last stone. 

The matt hologram called out, Daredevil turned back and felt bad for him. He shouted to himself as the Punisher objected. The two devils spoke. He told the hologram not to worry, that Elektra would be there soon, and before the hologram fizzled out, seemingly not liking the presence of another Matt. They heard an explosion as the two jumped down, the front of the shop was rubble, Elektra was pasted all over the bricks, this was their chance.

Punisher quickly burst into the top floor of the  restaurant where the office was, located the safe in a matter of moments and blasted it open with the stark tech he had been gifted to deal with his corrupted self and grabbed the stone, tossing it to Matt for safekeeping. Matt asked what exactly he was going to do. Frank fixed him with a look. He’d been taking the guilt and bullshit from these people for something that happened when he couldn’t control himself. Whatever happens was going to be undone except for whatever they were holding coming back with them, he was going to have fun.

Matt sat on the roof, wishing he couldn’t hear as Punisher shot through everything he could before the timer ran out; including his own past self.

Present day, Present time.

The group met up back at the lab at the same time, all of the stones were accounted for. This was their chance! They placed it into the nano gauntlet that Stark had prepared. As the glove fizzled with power, Wilson stopped them from touching it. Everyone’s eyes widened as they noticed the energy coming off it, whilst also multicoloured like the stones usually were, had an unmistakable aura of the ISO-8 corruption.

Whoever used that was going to meet the same fate as Thanos.

The room was grim, someone was going to need to make an undoable sacrifice. Everyone’s heads hung low until one spoke up.

“Let me do it.”

Everyone turned to face Wilson as he approached the gauntlet. Cap reached out to stop him, Wilson stopped him.

“This is the energy that displaces us, right? Then… this is my chance to get home too.”

Everyone stayed quiet. Pietro spoke up first. He rushed to the machine and quickly tore it up, grabbing the Wilson stone. He ran back to Wilson, pressing it into his hands. He reasoned that he could use it to get back to them, wherever he ended up.

Wilson smiled and put on the glove. He felt the ISO energy hit him instantly, his thoughts turning violent and evil, he raised his hand, determined. while he could he snapped his fingers and thought only of restoring those taken by the mad Titan. 

The explosion rocked dimensions. Everyone was sent back. Wilson looked at the people around him and smiled. He would miss this place. He began to evaporate in a flurry of colours; everyone was what looked like existence itself. Warping and waving, they saw the black clad man with the red beaming sword, they saw a man in blue, an inspiring S on his chest. Wilson saw his home, the sound of a snap rang out, and it was over.

Antman ran to his office where he was met with his wife, asking what the hell happened. Maria sat in her office when She-Hulk suddenly popped back into existence. She teared up, they had done it! Wherever they were, they had fixed it!

Cap and Ironman steadied themselves as everyone else ran off to meet with their restored loved ones. Tony put aside his phone, Pepper was ringing him, and they stared at where Wilson was standing, the gauntlet was gone, so was he. He died a hero, and they would remember him.

Wilson woke up on a rainy rooftop. He sat up, dismayed. This wasn’t his home, he didn’t have the stones with him either. He got to his feet and stared at the red sky. Wherever this was, it certainly liked being dark. He looked down at the street from the rooftops and saw people popping back into reality. Seems Thanos’s snap had affected more than he’d realised. He heard a cough and turned around.

A man in a bat costume was staring at him. A man and woman floated above him wearing red and different shades of blue. 

Wilson put his hands up, as a formality.

“I can explain. But first, where am I?” 

The bat fixed him with a look.

“You’re in Gotham, who are you?”


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