Cataclysm Chapter 5


Wanda sat across from her brother, Pietro. It had been two weeks since the amalgam wave had sent earth’s defenders away. They spoke in hushed debates over if this was the right call. Magneto, the pair’s father as far as they knew, had asked the two to find a shard and bring it to him. He was capable of much more than moving metal, the magnetic fields of the wave could be adjusted to his liking. With the Shard’s energy, a world of mutant sanctuary would be within his grasp.

For now, they were near a SHIELD base in Egypt. Since the shards kept getting taken and more waves were being caused, what was left of SHIELD decided to keep them hidden across the world. The skeleton crew of She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, Falcon and War Machine served as replacements for the missing heroes. The situation was dire enough that they were getting anyone they could.

Ant-man was explaining the situation to their newest recruits. Iron Fist, Dr Strange, Squirrel Girl, Elektra, Luke Cage and Moon Knight listened as he explained how vital it was to make sure the shards weren’t touched by anyone. Moon Knight, being piloted by Jake Lockley, couldn’t have cared less. Elektra was listening only as courtesy; She was only working with these fools until they brought Matt back. 

In the playground, the Avengers were recovering. The strange man with the sword had not fought them, but instead informed them of Mystique feigning Maria Hill’s presence, buying their trust with a helpful bit of advice. Mystique currently sat in a holding cell in the tower as a result of Wilson’s betrayal. 

The wave machine was repaired, Wilson’s playing with the wave, retold as Mystique reaching for help from the home universe. The fantastic four stood by as Stark and Banner powered the machine on. The wave was pulled open, and they started peering into worlds not of their own. The spiders waited nearby, Captain Stacy with them. Both Father and Daughter waited with bated breaths to see if they could hopefully catch a glimpse of their homeworld.

For a second, the Fantastic Four saw their world, a glimpse at a stark industries logo, and Ben Grimm, decided to be the strongest and most likely to resist any upsets, reached forward to try and reach someone. Wilson watched with Banner and Stark, the scientists held their breath, Wilson stared at the wave intently, as if he was praying something wouldn’t come out.

Ultron stood in the middle of an abandoned Stark warehouse, surrounded by the peace bots that he had destroyed in past fights. Stark had long since abandoned this warehouse, which was fine by Ultron, it was somewhere to back himself up and hide in between his plans. He felt something that would make a man of flesh and blood falter and turned to stare dead into the abyss that appeared in the middle of his lair. A hole in the world, and the previously missing Fantastic Four staring at him in shock. Were they expecting dear old Pepper?

His robotic mind figured it out in barely an attosecond. Those Waves that kept passing by, the vanishings he’d already figured out was related to them; it was sending them elsewhere.


In the Avengers lab in Egypt, a new plan was underway; Pym was working on something to try and control the waves. Vision, Mind stone in head, was having a shard implanted in him. Their logic was with the mind stone’s power, if Vision was caught in a wave and sent away, he could try using the shards power to come back; Otherwise, they were hoping that at least he could see into it with the stone and try to get a bearing of where it was sending the vanished.

The Scarlet Witch flew alongside Quicksilver, who was running towards the base, Pyro had managed to capture a SHIELD agent and got their access pass, after that it was up to Scarlet Witch to tear open whatever they needed and for Quicksilver to run out with whatever shards they could find to Magento, who would then attempt to direct the waves to make the Earth only for mutants.

The scanner beeped as Quicksilver scanned his entrance pass, the large metal door opened fancily and the twins entered. As they passed the door, a number of Stark-branded Peacebots deployed in front of them, the pair got ready to make quick work when the bots suddenly turned off. They both turned around and their hearts skipped a beat. Behind them stood the decades old mutant of egypt.


Ultron flew across the ocean as fast as his boosters would let him. He was not of flesh and blood, there was no reason to assume he would be taken with the waves. He would kill anything in his way and banish the flesh and blood to whatever other world he had caught a glimpse of. He landed in Egypt and began scanning for life, locking onto a large gathering of metahumans. That was his best bet.

Apocalypse walked towards the two, who asked him what he was doing. He replied that he was here for the source of the waves, so he could use them to create a mutant sanctuary. The twins looked at eachother. They could work with this. They told the god-like metallic mutant that they were working for Magneto to do the exact same thing; surely it would be great for them to work together?

Apocalypse smiled, he liked the sound of that so the trio walked into the SHIELD base together. Not long after, Ultron landed in front of the open door. He eyed the turned off Peacebots and gave them new life, with apocalypse here, he’d need some help.

In the playground, the mood was grim; they’d found a way to contact home except they’d contacted, of all people, Ultron. What was this going to cause? Wilson offered comfort and said he’d help with any trouble that came their way as long as Stark, Richards and Banner helped fix his worldskipper, the science team weren’t optimistic about it, their methods to travel between dimensions had all either disappeared or just simply didn’t work, but they still agreed to help. For now, all they can do is wait for whatever consequence their mistake would give them.

The Mutant Trio explored the SHIELD base until Quicksilver, using his super speed, lost patience and sped throughout the facility. He checked 54 rooms before he ran into a green hand, catching him in his tracks. Jennifer Walters, Attorney at Law, threw him with the strength of 50 men. Quicksilver recovered before he hit the ground and quipped that he was pretty sure that was assault. He ran around her in circles, punching her in a tornado of blows. She clapped her hands and dissipated the tornado by sending him flying. Wanda, hearing the commotion, folded the stone walls around her away to get to the fight quicker.

She sealed the Attorney at law in the walls effortlessly. Pietro muttered that she was a showoff while he brushed himself off. Apocalypse dropped through the holes Wanda had left and sneered at the female Hulk. She laughed as she revealed she had called for back-up. Quicksilver told his sister to jump on his back, and told Apocalypse to look for Magneto if they got seperated. The Maximoff twins vanished in a blue blur as Apocalypse ran off to hunt for the source of the Amalgam waves.

Ultron strolled through the base at his leisure, any SHIELD agents were swiftly taken care of by his Peacebots. He interrogated one about where the wave source was located and got his answer. He blasted through the stone and iron walls to get to it as quickly as he could, he was racing against a speedster, after all.

Iron fist and Squirrel girl were stationed with the Shards directly. When the door to the area was torn open with red energy, they both prepared to fight. Quicksilver ran in, slipped on a squirrel, recovered at high speeds and barged into Iron Fist. Squirrel Girl went to attack, but she was grabbed by an invisible force and thrown. Apocalypse arrived not long afterwards and Iron Fist shouted that he needed backup now. 

Ultron finished destroying his way through the base to find the Shard containment room to Iron Fist’s annoyed correction that he didn’t want THAT kind of backup. Ultron and Apocalypse didn’t even need to exchange a look before they started fighting. The brawl was beginning to reach a critical mass when Ultron saw the shard. He decided to not waste time and ordered a peacebot to fire at it fast. Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Iron Fist, Squirrel Girl and Apocalypse all reached towards the shard when the beam collided.

Once again, A wave event began.

Pym finished putting a shard into Vision when the world around him bent and contorted. When it finished, Vision was gone, as was the container he was in to help him recover.


The room that contained all the battling metahumans was now empty, with nothing but a shard remaining.

In the Playground, The heroes waited for the world to cease it’s wobbling as they realised the consequences of their mistake.

Cap readied the heroes as they heard an explosion. F.R.I.D.A.Y warned Tony that there was what appeared to be a robotic life form, Everyone feared the worst as they prepared to fight the new threat.

As they landed in the battletorn street, their fears were confirmed, Ultron was there; Furious that his plan had been thwarted. He audibly scanned for some solution and discovered a case that had landed on a truck nearby. There was a Shard!

As the Avengers readied themselves to fight, they heard a friendly voice. Iron Fist approached them and offered to help dispatch the evil android, with a wordless agreement, they charged at their foe.

Quicksilver and Scarlet witch had shown up as Ironfist warned the group that they were assisting Apocalypse in finding the shards. Wanda threw Captain America out the way as Iron Man charged Ultron. However, Ultron was enraged at his plan’s setback and crushed the Iron man suit’s hand blasters. He leaned close to Tony and told him to say goodnight as he blew the Iron man’s head clean off his shoulders. Thor threw his hammer at the Scarlet Witch as Quicksilver, who was trying to explain that they were willing to stop Ultron too, broke Thor’s jaw clean off with a high speed punch that broke his own arm. He ran to stop Mijonir from smashing his sister to paste, but was unworthy of holding it and could only watch his arm being dragged along as it destroyed Wanda’s upper body, detached from him completely.

Iron fist landed the hardest blow he could to Ultron’s torso but the robot wasn’t phased. He flew into the air as the remaining avengers could only watch in horror. His repulsor beam charged and he let loose a cataclysmic blast that destroyed the street, seemingly taking the Avengers with it.

Time slowed down for Pietro, he couldn’t avenge his sister if he was dead, he struggled to his feet and ran as fast as he could, barely dodging the blast.

The scorched truck sat in the destroyed street, the crushed bodies of the avengers laid defeated. Ultron triumphantly tore the case open, his glee replaced with confused anger as he saw not a shard, but Vision. The Synthetic man awoke with a start and, sensing what had taken place, wasted no time piercing Ultron with a beam from his mind stone; tearing him asunder.

Wilson watched this happen from atop the damaged tower in sheer disbelief; so much for the help they’d offered. Reed and the rest of the fantastic four approached Vision, offering comfort and explanations as they grimaced at their fallen friends. Captain Stacy, ever the vigilant officer, was trying to maintain order and prevent the public from seeing Earth’s mightiest heroes reduced to paste. Peter, Miles and Gwen swung around, trying to survey the damage and find any survivors at all.

Pietro, hiding from them in an alley, saw a scorched piece of metal on the ground. After agonisingly cauterising his wound on it; he prepared to plan his revenge on the Avengers leftovers for their foolish attack on his beloved sister before he heard a crackling. A radio sat nearby him, calling to him. He picked it up in his remaining arm and asked what the hell it wanted. He blinked, his arm was back. The voice spoke up.

“I’ve done something for you. Now, I need you to do something for me.”

In the depths of space, in the playground world, Oblivion opened his eyes. This was not his world, he had never seen this one wither and die and spring back to life. Something was amiss, and he would find out what.